What is a funeral plan?

A pre-paid funeral plan is a cost-effective way of ensuring that your funeral has been planned in advance and brings with it many benefits, both practical and financial.

Firstly, a pre-paid funeral plan allows you to specify your preferences for your funeral. You are able to dictate whether you wish to be cremated or buried, for example, but also the finer details such as where you wish the funeral service to take place, whether you wish for particular music to be played during the service, and whether you would like donations from mourners to be given to a particular charity.

By specifying your choices now, your family and friends are able to plan the funeral according to your exact wishes. Knowing that they are adhering to your preferences, which may have otherwise not been discussed in advance of your death, can often be welcome relief to those tasked with the responsibility of organising the funeral.

Furthermore, a funeral plan through us guarantees that our direct costs will be covered, no matter how much prices rise and your plan can also include a contribution towards third party costs such as the fees for cremation or burial, medical fees and payment to a minister or officiant.

We offer a range of pre-paid funeral plans and they can be paid for in full or in monthly instalments to suit your personal circumstances.

Full details of the plan, and terms and conditions, are available upon request.