Important Decisions

When planning a funeral there are several important decisions that need to be made in regards to the format of the service.

Transport to and from the funeral should be considered since there are many options available. We offer traditional and non-traditional forms of transport, and are able to accommodate any specific wishes you may have in regards to the route the cortege should follow. Traditional funeral limousines can comfortably seat seven people.

There is usually the option to select music to be played or performed at the beginning and end of the service as well as to choose the songs or hymns to be sung by the congregation. You may also wish to ask a relative or close friend of the deceased to perform a reading or personal tribute.

Similarly, members of the congregation may be invited to assist with bearing the coffin, and welcoming and directing guests as they arrive at the service.

It is customary for those attending a funeral, as well as those who cannot attend, to pay tribute to the deceased in the form of flowers or a donation. When planning the funeral, you will need to consider whether donations would be preferred in lieu of flowers and, if so, your choice of charitable organisation should be specified well in advance.

Church Services

If a Church service is selected, the coffin may, with permission of the Minister, be placed in Church on the evening before the day of the funeral or on the day itself before your arrival.

Alternatively you may prefer either of the traditional choices which are:

a) To process into Church behind the Coffin
b) For the Coffin to be brought into Church as you and the other mourners stand in your places.