Cremation or Burial?

The funeral itself will involve either a cremation or burial. Preceding this, a service – not necessarily a religious service – is usually held, to which family, friends, colleagues and those who knew the deceased are invited to attend. The service is a means of celebrating the life of the deceased. Tributes, in the form of flowers or increasingly donations, are generally given by those attending.

Cremation is now the most popular choice in the UK. The cremated remains can be scattered within the gardens at the crematoria, or can be taken by the family to be retained or scattered elsewhere. A memorial is often chosen to commemorate the deceased wherever the cremated remains are scattered.

A burial can take place at either the grounds of a church/cemetery or at a woodland burial site. Burial at sea is a further option.

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The choice between burial and cremation will dictate the type of coffin that is appropriate. For more information about the options available visit our Coffins and Caskets section.