We hope that you will find this section useful if you are seeking advice and information about both the immediate practicalities of funeral planning as well as the longer term concern of coping with bereavement.

At Woods Funeral Services we understand that it can often be a confusing and emotional time in the aftermath of the death of a friend or relative. When called upon to arrange a funeral, we take complete responsibility for all of the details. Our experienced and friendly team strives to provide helpful advice and support that will benefit you at this time of need.

We can assist you in coping with grief by offering you support via our free Bereavement Care service or by putting you in contact with local counsellors, community support groups or your local branch of CRUSE, the national organisation for the widowed and their children.

Advice can also be obtained from the local hospital Chaplain via the Bereavement Officer at Dorset County Hospital and the Chaplain at Joseph Weld Hospice.